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»» Pellestrina Regatta, in the Venice Lido

The island of Pellestrina, in the Venetian lido, hosts its annual Regatta on next August 1st. The Pellestrina Regatta coincides with the colourful celebrations of the Madonna dell’Apparizione held on the island on Sunday, August 1st.

Pellestrina Island - Venice Lido

It offers a chance to visit one of the beautiful islands located in the Venice Lido , featuring narrow canals and houses painted in bright, cheerful colours.

When: Aug 1st 2010 (annual) – time: 4.30pm
Where: Pellestrina – Venetian Lido (about 1 hour from Venice by ferry).

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»» Venice Carnival Video: Angel Flight

Il Volo dell’Angelo” — “The Flight of the Angel” — is the event kicking off the Carnival celebrations in Venice.

Below’s a video of The Flight of the Angel that opened Carnival of Venice 2010.

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»» Where To Spend Valentine’s Day in Italy: Verona

Verona in Love” offers you a week-end filled¬†with Valentine and romance events in the city of Romeo and Juliet.

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Theatrical interpretations of Romeo and Juliet, concerts, shows and many more events based on the theme of love are being scheduled at “Verona in Love”.
The “Dear Juliet” award (award of the most beautiful and romantic love letters written to Shakespeare heroin from all over the world), “Due Cuori a Tavola” (“Two Hearts at the table”, a competition with participating restaurants featuring themed menus), are a few examples of the events held in Verona in this Valentine’s week-end.

To try love-themed menus, look for the restaurants exposing a poster of Verona in Love.
The festival programme is available at

When: Feb 9 – 14, 2010 (annual);
Where: Verona

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»» Things To Do in Rome and Venice on New Year’s Eve

The New Year’s Eve celebrations in Rome take place all over the city’s squares.
Piazza del Popolo is where celebrations are more dazzling and colorful. They include fireworks, rock and classical music concerts lasting well into the night.

Venice-S.Marco's Square on New Year's Eve

With “Capodanno LoveVenice features romance-themed celebrations on New Year’s Eve. It is a New Year’s huge celebration held in Piazza San Marco attracting more than 70,000 people on the night of Dec. 31, who kiss to welcome the new year.

The slogan for “Capodanno Love” is “Come and kiss in Venice“. A very romantic atmosphere is created through a stunning outdoor scenography with a light display that gives the illusion that thousands of hearts fall from the sky.

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»» Things To Do in Venice at Christmas: Murano Glassmaking Festival

Those who are visiting Venice during the festive season have the big chance to have a close look to the traditional art of glassmaking of Murano.

With “Natale di Vetro“, Christmas event stretching from Venice’s campo Santo Stefano to Murano Island, celebrating the Murano’s traditional art of glassmaking, visitors can enjoy many Murano’s Glass themed events.

From “Tunnel of Lights”, precious, handmade Murano chandeliers, created especially for Christmas by the most skilful masters of the island, that will light up the ancient portico of the San Pietro Martire cloister, to the traditional Murano outdoor glassworks exhibition including a number of pieces provided by the most important galleries in the island, visitors will be able to enjoy unique glassworks and sculptures on display in Venice and in the streets and squares of Murano.

Other major events during “Natale di Vetro” include glass-blowing demonstrations, the Glassworks Regatta — racing along the Murano Grand Canal and involving boats representing a glassworks of Murano — and Furnace Food, traditional dinners held at various glass factories.

when: Dec 5, 2009 until Jan 6, 2010 (annual)
where: Venice (various venues) and Murano Island.

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