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»» Music Festivals in Italy: Umbria Jazz in Perugia

Umbria Jazz, held annually early July in Perugia, is one of the major Jazz festivals in Europe.

It offers free daily open-air concerts featuring top international performers.

A 10 days of great music from morning until late at night, hosted in venues — squares, streets, theaters located in the historic district of Perugia — that are an attraction in themselves.

When: July 9 – 18, 2010 (annual)
Where: Perugia
Find out details and programme of the festival at Umbria Jazz Website.

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»» Major Historic Festivals in Umbria: Ceri Festival in Gubbio

The medieval town of Gubbio, in Umbria, hosts its “Festa dei Ceri” festival on May 15.

The festival reaches its climax with the Ceri race — the festival is also known as Corsa dei Ceri (The Ceri Race). The event, that may appear weird to visitors, is surrounded by an incredible festive spirit. Below a video of Corsa dei Ceri.

When: May 15 (annual)
Where: Gubbio (Umbria)

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»» Historic Festivals in Umbria: Medieval Tournament in Narni

Narni - Umbria

Those who are visiting Rome in May, have the chance to attend an impressive medieval festival in the hill town of Narni, just one hour train ride from the eternal city.

Narni hosts “La Corsa all’Anello” — “The Ring Race” — the second Sunday of May. It is a medieval tournament dating back to 1371.

A day trip from Rome to this important historic hill town on the festival day will offer you the chance to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the 14th century.

When: second Sunday of May (annual);
Where: Narni (directions by Train: take Roma-Ancona route, stop at Narni-Amelia station).
Find out the festival program at

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»» Assisi Calendimaggio – Medieval Festivals in Italy

The historic town of Assisi, Umbria, hosts its medieval festival, the Calendimaggio, early of May.
The Calendimaggio is a three days festival with medieval song, balladry, dances, archery, crossbow and flag-waving displays.
It offers a very unique chance to experience an authentic medieval atmosphere while visiting one of most impressive historic sites in the world.

Below’s a video of Calendimaggio festival.

when: May 6 – 8, 2010 (annual)
where: Assisi (Umbria)
Details and schedule of Calendimaggio festival are available at

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»» Olive Oil Tours in Umbria: “Frantoi Aperti”

Beginning November 7-8, you can enjoy five week-ends filled with olive oil events in Umbria.
Frantoi Aperti, an event aiming to promote the olive oil produced in Umbria, offers for five week-end — from November 7 through December 8 — guided tours and visits to frantoi (‘frantoio‘ is the factory where the olive oil is produced).


Umbria is a well-known area for the production of one of the finest quality olive oil in Italy.
Of course the visits include tasting sessions of olive oil paired with the many local specialties.

It is not just about olive oil, Frantoi Aperti offers a very unique experience, the chance to combine the finest gourmet and culinary tradition with art and culture, by visiting the charming countryside and the many perfectly preserved historic towns that make Umbria known and appreciated worldwide.
Some of the towns involved in Frantoi Aperti include Spoleto, Spello, Campello sul Clitunno, Castiglione del Lago (on the Lake Trasimeno shore).

Programme and details of the event are available at Frantoi Aperti website.

When: November 7 – December 8 (in the Weekend)
Where: Umbria

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