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»» Spring Festivals in Sicily: “Mandorlo in Fiore”

The Valley of Greek TemplesValle dei Templi — in Sicily, hosts an annual festival celebrating the arrival of Spring.

The festival, “Mandorlo in Fiore” — Almond Tree Blossom — is held in early February, a time when theĀ almond tree flowers herald the return of the Spring in Sicily.
It takes place n one of the major archaeologicalĀ sites in Italy, The Valle dei Templi in Agrigento.

With also the International Festival of Folklore and the International Festival of Children in the World included in the programme, the festival offers ten days of theatre, dance and music performances.
“Mandorlo in Fiore” offers the unique chance to experience a foretaste of spring in Sicily with its colors and flavors, while enjoying culture, folklore and food.
Where: Agrigento – Valle dei Templi (Sicily)
When: Feb 3 through 12 (annually)

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»» Touring The Valley of the Temples at Night

Experiencing the magical atmosphere of the Valley of the Temples at sunset or at night is a very unique experience.

For those who are interested in touring the Valley of the Temples in the evening, below’s the evening opening hours.

From June 28 to September 13, 2009
every day: 19:30 – 22:00
ticket office: 19:30 – 21:30

Admission fee: Euro 8,00 per person (free of charge for under 18 people from EU ).
(more info)

To enjoy the Temples when lighted at night, you can also try twilight tours. Here’s a link .

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»» How To Get to Valley of the Temples – Sicily Transfer Tips

If your trip to Valley of the Temples starts from the archaeological sites of Eastern Sicily — Noto, Taormina, Siracusa — the bus is the option you should consider for your transfer needs.

First, many tourist places in the area are not served by rail, secondly the trains are very slow. An example: from Siracusa to Agrigento it will take 5 to 7 hours by train.

Travelers who plan to start their trip to Sicily from east, are flying into the airport of CataniaFontanarossa airport.
From airport of Catania to Siracusa you have Interbus buses ( ; from airport of Catania to Agrigento, the city closest to the temples area, you have the bus service of SAIS Trasporti company (

Below we listed links to websites of bus companies you need for your transfer when visiting the archaeological sites of Eastern Sicily or when traveling from this area to Valley of the Temples.
– Interbus ,
– SAIS Trasporti ,
– Etna Trasporti ,
– AST ,
and in the area of temples: Autolinee Lumia ( ) and Autoservizi Salemi (

(See also “From Palermo’s Airport to Valley of the Temples“).

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»» From Palermo’s Airport to Valley of the Temples – Sicily Transfer Tips

Most of those who plan to visit the Valley of the Temples in Sicily, usually opt to fly into Palermo and then from there travel to Agrigento, the city closest to the temples area.

If you opt for public transportation, you can take advantage of a direct bus running from Palermo’s airport to Agrigento. It will take around two and half hours (follow this link for the timetable).

You also have other options: take the train or bus from “Falcone e Borsellino” airport to the city of Palermo (see schedule) , and then bus or train from Palermo to Agrigento (see train timetable.

From Agrigento you travel to the Valley of the Temples with most of regular city buses (1, 1/, 2, 2/, 3, 3/) leaving from Piazzale Rosselli.
In order to visit the Valley of the Temples, from Agrigento, you could also hire a car, or arrange for a private transfer with your hotel.

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»» Things To Do in Sicily at Easter Time

Easter celebrations in Sicily involve various rituals and processions throughout the Holy Week.
Those who are visiting Palermo during the Holy Week have a chance to attend singular Easter celebrations and festivals in cities and villages located in the surroundings.


We suggest a visit to the town of Gangi (view map). where devotees of the Madonna compete against those who venerate Jesus during the Holy Week. The peaceful competition consists of creating the best decorations in the streets of the town.

The town of Prizzi (view map) offers “The Dance of the Devils“, an Easter archaic festival of medieval origins. The festival represents the cosmic struggle between good and evil.
The re-enactments of the Dance of the Devils, with villagers performing the Dance of the Devils by wearing large and terrifying iron masks, reaches its climax on Easter Sunday when the forces of evil come to claim the town.

Also in Palermo many Easter rituals, ranging from re-enactments of the Last Supper to street processions dating back several centuries, span the whole of the Holy Week.

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