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»» Pieces From Nativity Scenes in Neapolitan Style at Christmas Market in the Marches

by The medieval town of Sant’Agata Feltria, located in the Montefeltro area, (central Apennines – surroundings of Urbino, Marches), will host a huge Christmas market, from December 3 until 17.

This is a unique opportunity for seekers of gifts and souvenirs, who can find a host of Christmas bits and pieces, ranging from nativity scenes in the Sicilian or Neapolitan styles to coloured balls, angels, Christmas headgear, scented and coloured candles.
Sant’Agata Feltria Christmas market also offer a chance to taste local delicacies like truffles, cheese and sweets. The town is located in a well-known truffle-producing area.

Where: Sant’Agata Feltria – Marches (see on the map).
Find accommodations in the Marches.

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»» Culinary Festivals Round-up – Sept 17

by The frog will be starring this week-end in a festival taking place in Conselice, small town in Emilia-Romagna. The festival, ‘sagra del ranocchio‘ — ‘frog festival’, offers a good chance to taste any frog specialties (Sept 14 – 18).

It’s the season of mushroom and a number of sagra devoted to it are being held across Italy. This week-end we suggest a couple: in Borgo Val di Taro , Emilia Romagna, and in Castelpagano, Veneto.

In Trentino Alto Adige, an European competition of barbecue will be held in San Paolo Appiano.

Viverbe 2006, is an event devoted to medicinal herbs taking place in Pancalieri, Piedmont, a small town known for its mint.

If you like learning more about the secrets of the bread, preparation, ingredients and of course tasting various kinds of bread, Pane Nostrum, in Senigallia, on Adriatic coast of Marche, is the event you should attend to ( Sept 14 – 17).

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»» Seafood Soup Festival on the Adriatic Coast of Marche

by Adriatic coast of Marche offer seafood lovers a very intense week. The city of Fano is hosting the International Festival of Seafood Soup — which run through September 17.

Among the main events in the schedule, the ‘Disfida del Brodetto’ — ‘Brodetto‘ is a fish soup recipe from Marche, is one of the most awaited.

It is a contest involving chefs representing 16 regions of Italy, who compete in preparing Seafood Soup. Each region comes with its own soup recipe and secrets.

More interestingly, there will also be a people’s jury, open to all — 15 euro to join, so anybody will be allowed to taste and rate seafood dishes preapared by top chefs.

Seafood lovers can enjoy of Brodetto for all the month, with the ‘Mese del Brodetto’, an initiative involving 29 top restaurants in the area, which are offering ‘brodetto di pesce’ at 12 euro through Sept. 30.

– Travel Brief –

See Adriatic Coast of The Marches on the map.

– Getting there
By plane: Ancona (40km away) and Rimini (50km away) airports also served by the low-cost RyanAir and EsyJet.
By train: Fano station, (around 4 hours from Milan).
By car: from A14 motorway, that goes along the whole coast of the Marches, take Fano exit.

– Accommodation
Accommodations in The Marches coast

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»» The Marches Coast: Senigallia Celebrates its Blue Flag

Senigallia is one of the beaches along the coastline of the Marches awarded with a Blue Flag.
This Adriatic beach, also named “velvet beach“, with its fine sand attracts crowds of holidaymakers from Italy and North Europe.

Senigallia is known as a quiet destination which offers special facilities, services and activities for children and that so suits families.
However Senigallia has also a lively nightlife. In the 60’s its famed Beach Rotunda (Rotonda sul Mare) also inspired the singer Fred Bongusto to write the famous melody “Una rotonda sul mare“.

Now, the Beach Rotunda reopens — celebrations for the inauguration were held the last week-end also hosting a show by Fred Bongusto, and so holidaymakers will be able to enjoy more nightlife attractions in Senigallia.

– Travel Brief –

See The Marches Coast on the map.

– Getting there
– By plane: Ancona (30km away) and Rimini (70km away) airports also served by the low-cost RyanAir and EsyJet.
– By train: Senigallia station, (around 4 hours from Milan).
– By car: driving along the A14 motorway that goes along the whole coast of the Marches, take exit Senigallia

– Accommodation
Accommodations in The Marches coast

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»» The Marche: Loving the Sea

In the Marche region a few events offering tourists the opportunity to discover this mid Adriatic land are being scheduled in May and June.

– Loving the sea –

Marche Coast

In the Southern coastal area of the region, with the goal to promote sustainable fishing and the preservation of the sea and the gastronomic heritage of the mid Adriatic coast, three events are planned between late May and early-to mid-June.
The events, for the series ‘Amare il mare” (“Loving the sea”), including local markets, taste workshops and meetings, will be held in the coastal cities of Porto San Giorgio (May 25-28), Porto S. Elpidio (June 1-4) and Pedaso (June 9-11).

Exhibitions and gastronomy week-ends in Ancona

Ancona, capital of the region, and the surrounding cities, will host 5 appointments with art, culture and gastronomy, including art exhibitions and food-and-wine routes, from May 5 to June 4.

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