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»» Lake Garda + Cinque Terre

Carolyn asked us advice about a holiday in Italy including seaside, lakes, and art cities:

“…My husband and I will be traveling to Italy in July to attend a wedding in Verona.
We are thinking of hiring a car and driving to the lake district.
We have 4 days and then take the car back to Verona and then take the train to Cinque Terre for a week. Travel from Cinque Terre to Rome by train with an overnight stop in Florence. Does this itineray sound ok?…”

4 days for the lakes is ok, if for “lake district” you mean Lake Garda and surroundings only. By hiring a car, you’ll be able to comfortably visit the several towns and villages that are worth to see, located along the shores of Lake Garda.

From the lake to the seaside: a week for Cinque Terre is enough to enjoy of sights, hiking, walking, and any other activities this land has to offer you.

If I were you I would extend one more day the stay in Florence; in order to do that, you may cut one day from your Cinque Terre stay.

Lake Garda

However your holiday seem to be well planned; no any rush , car hire just when it appear to be necessary – Lake Garda surroundings would be hard to visit by public transp. .
It includes lake, sea, and art cities, such great destinations as Lake Garda, Cinque Terre, Verona, Rome, and Florence. The only downside could be the crowds; by choosing very common travel destinations, in July you could encounter any crowd, especially to the lakes and sea.

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»» Cinque Terre vs Amalfi Coast

I am going to spend a week in Italy. I’ll stay four,five days in Tuscany and would like to spend what remains by visiting Cinque Terre. Another option I consider is Amalfi Coast, what would you suggest me?

Cinque Terre is closer than Amalfi Coast to Tuscany. As you’ll devote so a limited time to the seaside destination, Cinque Terre is the option seems to be the better of the two for your needs.


If you love activities as hiking and walking, you can enjoy the Cinque Terre, because there are lots of paths between the five villages.

If your stay will be in late spring, you may prefer Amalfi Coast to enjoy more the seaside activities, being Amalfi Coast warmer than Cinque Terre.

Also you should tell me, how you’ll arrange your travel to Italy. Where are you flying in and out; if you’ll fly out of Rome it’s worth to consider the Amalfi option, away just a bit more of a couple of hours from Rome by train.

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»» Day trip to Cinque Terre

Advice on day trips to Cinque Terre

Would you recommend a day trip from Florence to CT (Cinque Terre) or would be better at least spend the night there?

Cinque Terre

First, an advice for you and for any foreigners used to write CT as an abbreviation for Cinque Terre.
Such abbreviation does not work in Italy. Better, for Italians that means the initials of car plate for the city of Catania, so if you ask any advice on the Internet boards by writing CT, no Italians will be able to help you. If you like to short the name, you could use 5Terre.

Coming to your question, from Florence to Riomaggiore, one of the villages of Cinque Terre, it take 2 1/2 hours by train, (InterCity, change in LaSpezia or Pisa station; details: see, so you could do it in a day trip.

However I suggest to spend a night there, to be able to enjoy of the several activities Cinque Terre offer you.
Hiking between the five villages, dining in one of the typical restaurants looking down the sea and generally enjoying of the wonderful sights avoiding any rush.

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