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»» Weekly Video: The Best of Cinque Terre

Below a video about Cinque Terre, showing the images of the five villages — Monterosso, Manarola, Corniglia, Riomaggiore, and Vernazza, including the several hiking trails linking them, always having a fantastic view from the mountainous foot path to the sea.

(via YouTube).

– See Cinque Terre on the interactive map.

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»» Staying in the Cinque Terre: Parking Tips

“What’s the most convenient place to park the car while staying in the Cinque Terre for a few days?”

In each of the Cinque Terre towns is possible parking.

Vernazza - Cinque Terre

All of the them (except Corniglia) have parking lots which are connected to the town by shuttle services.

If these parking are crowded, you can park outside the five towns. You have several options. Levanto, from there it’s an easy drive to Cinque Terre; from Levanto you can also easy rail into the Cinque Terre.
You can park in Lerici and ferry to the Cinque Terre.
Also Parking in La Spezia and rail into the Cinque Terre is an option; there are two lots near the train station.

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»» Cinque Terre Tips: 2 Days in the Cinque Terre, What’s Doing?

“We are planning to spend a couple of days in the Cinque Terre. Is it enough time to explore the 5 villages? Any suggestions on itineraries and places to explore in 2 days?”

Vernazza - Cinque Terre

If you want to do hiking, you can do all the sea side trails in around 8/9 hours (from Riomaggiore to Monterosso with a stop in each of five town). You also could split this itinerary up into two days.

Another option, you base your stay in the town of Vernazza, from there you could walk down to Corniglia and eventually back to Vernazza by train. Another day, again by train you could go to Riomaggiore, explore the beach south of village and walk back to village of Manarola.

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»» Sea Top Honors For The Cinque Terre

The Cinque Terre is ranked at the top among the Italian sea destinations.
That is what emerged by Legambiente’s 2006 Guida Blu published by the Italian Touring Club.

Cinque Terre

The Tyrrhenian Sea was the most awarded Italian sea by the 2006 Guida Blu.
Behind Cinque Terre (area including the villages Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza e Monterosso), 9 localities on the Tirrenian coast, awarded with the maximum score of ”five sails”, were included in the top ten.
They are Castiglion della Pescaia and Capalbio (Tuscany), Arbus, Bosa and Villasimius (Sardinia), Pollica Acciaroli (Campania), Pioppi, Giglio Island, Portovenere (Liguria).

The table was compiled based on the results of 128 tests on issues ranging from the quality of the sea environment and bathing waters to services to local gastronomy etc…

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»» Mini Cruises in Cinque Terre Area

Travelers to Cinque Terre area, one of the favorite destinations for people visiting Italy, will have this Summer the opportunity to take advantage of mini cruises to better appreciate the beauty of the surroundings.

Bay of Portofino

A charter boat service for the Gulf of Poets – Gulf of La Spezia, was launched in the past week and will operate through Summer, until late September.

Daily cruises and mini two-day cruises, will allow travelers to enjoy the several marvels of this area.

From the Gulf of Poets to Portofino bay to Porto Venere to Lerici etc…. A scenery including beaches and coastal rocks , steep cliffs, and a surrounding countryside characterised by green hills and lush vegetation with woods and pine groves.
You’ll be able to visit archeological sites, castles and villas, islands which are natural reserves such as Palmaria and Tino.

See the area on the map.
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