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»» Video of Cinque Terre’s Floods

A few pictures about the deadly floods that struck the Cinque Terre on October 25 and 26.

Below is a video of flooding in the village of Monterosso.


A photo of the flooding in the village of Vernazza Vernazza before the flooding
Vernazza's square Vernazza - Cinque Terre

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»» From Venice to Cinque Terre by Train

How To Get to Cinque Terre from Venice by Train?

Village of Vernazza, Cinque Terre

If you plan to travel from Venice to Cinque Terre by rail, the best way to do it is through the route: Venice – Monterosso

However keep in mind there is no direct train from Venice to the Cinque Terre. You have to change at least once.

We suggest Venice – Monterosso route, because if you choose any other rail station in the Cinque Terre, you’ll have change twice.
(See Italian rail timetable at Trenitalia website).

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»» Valentine’s Day in Ligurian Riviera

Those who are visiting Cinque Terre this week, have more than a chance to experience a romance trip.

Camogli - Liguria

The tourist resort of Camogli, just a few km away from the five villages of Cinque Terre, hosts a Valentine’s festival: “Lovers in Camogli“.
Located between Portofino Mountain and the Ligurian Sea, with its typical narrow streets lined by tall columns of pastel colored homes, the town of Camogli offers a perfect setting to spend Valentine’s Day.

From Feb. 6 through 15, a numer of Valentine themed events are being scheduled in Camogli, with also a special Valentine’s market selling special gifts for lovers. Restaurants and pasticcerie offer dinner menu and cakes related to the theme of love.

When: Feb 6 -15 (annually)
Where: Camogli – Ligurian Riviera (see Camogli on the map)
Getting there: by train; it’s a 20-minute train ride from Genoa.

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»» The Best of Pesto Recipes in Lavagna, Liguria

For those love the Pesto sauce this week-end the town of Lavagna (in Liguria) offers a chance not to be missed.
Pesto e dintorni” in Lavagna, is a gourmet festival mainly dedicated to Pesto, king ingredient of Ligurian recipes of Pasta.

A three day-feast where you can taste traditional Ligurian recipes and the best of local delicacies. Complete program of the event is at festival website (

For those who know nothing about Pesto: Pesto is a sauce made with Basil, Pine nuts, Extra-virgin olive, Parmesan cheese, and Garlic. It is used to go with all types of large grooved pasta.

Pesto is a delicacy of the Ligurian cuisine, so you can taste the best of it in Liguria. Remember about that when you travel to Cinque Terre and Ligurian coast.

When: October 10-12 (annually, 2nd week-end of October)
Where: Lavagna (Liguria) (see Lavagna on the map).

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»» Camogli (Ligurian Riviera) Ideal Setting for Valentine’s Day Celebration

If you are visiting Italy early February and are looking for a place to celebrate Valentine’s day, Camogli, a small town located on the Italian Riviera, is the right place for you.
Just a few km away from the Cinque Terre area, located between Portofino Mountain and the Ligurian Sea, Camogli is a tourist resort with narrow streets which are lined by tall columns of pastel colored homes. It offers an ideal setting for romance.

Camogli - Ligurian Riviera

Furthermore, from Feb. 3 through 18, Camogli will be hosting a Valentine festival.

For two weeks, many Valentine themed events are held in the town. Restaurants and pasticcerie offer dinners and cakes related to Valentine themes. A special Valentine market sells luxurious gifts on the promenade.
If you choose to dine at any Camogli’s restaurant, try local delicacies such as handmade pasta with pesto sauce, seafood, and the local dessert specialty, chocolate-rum Camogliesi.

When: Feb 3 -18
Where: Camogli (see on the interactive map)
Getting there: the best way is by train; it’s just a 20-minute train ride from Genoa.
Find accommodations in Camogli and Liguria.

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