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»» Rome: Eating Ban in Tourist Hot Spots

The Rome City Council introduced a ban of eating any snacks in the Rome’s historical centre.
So the most popular places to visit will be off-limits for street snackers.

The ban is also extended to drink or to encamp or erect makeshift shelters — in zones which have a particular historic or architectural value.
Those not complying with the law are liable to a fine of between €25 and €500.

Some other art cities in Italy, such as Florence, Bologna and Venice have already taken such measures to protect popular tourist spots in the city.
In Venice, for example, people were already prohibited from eating snacks in the hugely popular St. Mark’s Square. 

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»» How To Spend New Year’s Eve in Venice

Piazza San Marco is the ideal venue to celebrate the New Year in Venice, especially for lovers.

“Come and kiss in Venice” is the slogan for Capodanno Love, a love-themed New Year celebration, with more than 70,000 people gathering in the Venice’s main square, waiting for the new year with a light display that gives the illusion of thousands of hearts falling from the sky.

Those who are looking for less crowded venues, could opt for Lido di Venezia, where hundreds of ibernisti swimmers celebrate the New Year after a dip in the sea.

For those who love to celebrate the new year with a concert, Venice offers the traditional New Year’s Eve Concert performed by Venice’s ensemble Musici Veneziani, at the Scuola Grande San Teodoro.
Butlers in period costume will serve wine in between performances.

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»» Christmas in Venice: Celebrating Murano Glassmaking Art

Natale di Vetro — Christmas of Glass — is an event celebrating the Murano‘s traditional art of glassmaking.

The event, stretching from Venice‘s Campo Santo Stefano to Murano Island, takes place annually during the Christmas season — from early December through January 6.

Unique glassworks and sculptures will be on display in the streets of Venice and Murano; visitors will be able to enjoy glass art exhibitions, glass-blowing demonstrations and a number of Murano’s Glass themed events.
Among them, an exhibition of handmade Murano chandeliers lighting up the ancient portico of San Pietro Martire cloister and the Glassworks Regatta — racing along the Murano Grand Canal and involving boats representing a glassworks of Murano.

When: Dec 5, 2009 until Jan 6, 2010 (annual)
Where: Venice (various venues) and Murano Island.

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»» A Guided Tour Through Venice’s Bridges

A non-competitive walk — “Su e Zo per i Ponti” — held annually in Venice early April offers visitors a new way of touring the city.

It is an unusual non-competitive walk up and down the bridges — “Su e Zo per i Ponti” is the Venetian translation for “up and down the bridges” — and through different areas of Venice.

You can opt for one of the two following routes:
1) main route, which is about 13 km long (8 miles) and crosses 55 bridges (start and arrival at Piazza S. Marco);
2) shorter route for school parties only, which is about 6 km long (3,5 miles) and crosses 23 bridges (start at the Railway station, arrival at Piazza S. Marco).

The 32nd edition of the event will be held April 10, 2011.
Programme and details of “Su e Zo per i Ponti” can be found at

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»» The Cavalchina Ball at Venice Carnival

Il Gran Ballo della Cavalchina” — The Cavalchina Grand Dance — is a 19th-Century themed Ball held at the Teatro La Fenice during the Venice Carnival season.

The ball is inspired by the gala nights that took place in the theatres of the major Europe’s cities.
For the The Cavalchina Ball party La Fenice Theatre is transformed into an elegant ballroom wiht guests wearing period costume and La Fenice orchestra playing live.

For detailed info as well as for ticket reservations please visit

When: Mar 5, 2011 (annual) – 8.30PM.
Where: Venice – Teatro La Fenice.

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