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»» Best Carnival Festivals in Italy

The best time to experience┬áthe Carnival celebrations in Italy is in the week running up to the “Martedi Grasso” — Fat Tuesday. The best parades, parties and celebrations are held that week, even if in most of festivals, parades are held the Sunday following Martedi Grasso day too.

Below is a list of the major Carnival festivals in Italy (in the brackets the nearest tourist area and attractions).
Venice Carnival– – (Venice)
Viareggio Carnival– – The most spectacular Carnival parades in Italy (Florence, Tuscany, Cinque Terre)
Foiano Carnival– – (Tuscany, Umbria)
Ivrea Carnival– – Well known for the “orange fights” (Piedmont)
Cento Carnival of Europe– – Twinned with the Rio Carnival (Bologna, Romagna Adriatic Coast)
Verona Carnival– – (Verona, Lake Garda, Venice)
Termini Imerese Carnival– – (Sicily)
Sciacca Carnival– – (Sicily)
AcirealeCarnival– – (Sicily, Etna Volcano)
Putignano Carnival– – One of the oldest carnivals in the world (Bari, Apulia)
Campiglio Asburgica– – Carnival recreating the atmosphere of 19th century European aristocracy staying at this Alpin resort (Dolomites)
Livigno Carnival– – A snowy Carnival held in one of the most known Alpin resorts (Livigno and the closer Alps resorts)
La Sartiglia– – Historic Carnival re-enacting a medieval tournament (Sardinia)
Samugheo Carnival– – (Sardinia).

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