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»» What To Wear When Traveling in Italy in the Fall

With airlines increasingly adding fees for checking baggage — charging for checking a second bag as well as raising fees for overweight or oversized bags, travelers are continuously looking for ways on how to travel light.

Traveling to Italy in the Fall allows you not to pack too much, if your concern about packing is mostly about clothes you should take with you.

Here is the advice we gave to one of our readers heading to Italy from U.S. in November, not willing to pack too much and concerned about what clothing to take with her.

In November the weather is not chilly really and not warm either throughout the Peninsula. Despite temperatures vary a little from North to South, you need not voluminous and heavy clothes.  You still have the chance to pack light.

What you need most for this season, is a down jacket, better if made of techno fabric. It is very useful because the wheather can quickly vary from warm to rainy and a bit cold and viceversa.  Also I recommend comfortable clothes including, jeans pants, wool sweaters and sneakers. You can add a more shoes pair for the evening. However I recommend the comfortable ones.

Unlike what most of non-Italians believe, dining out at Italian restaurants does not require evening dresses or formal dresses — unless you are invited for special occasions, such as special parties, dinner gala etc… where a formal dress to be required, or, you are going to dine at top-top class restaurants.
Wearing jeans, shirts, and sneakers is ok in Italy even when you are dining out. Of course you’ll have to wear decent clothes — not the same you are using for hiking, bicycling etc…

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