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»» Things To Do in Florence in 2 Days – Day 2

By continuing about things to do in Florence with a two day stay, you could reserve the second day to activities like visits to museums and shopping.

– With just two days, you could not afford to visit most of the many art museums of Florence. However you can’t leave out the Galleria degli Uffizi.

The gallery houses countless masterpieces of Italian and European paintings from a period between the 12th and 18th centuries, exhibited in 45 rooms. Works by Cimabue, Giotto, Duccio da Buoninsegna, Gentile da Fabriano, Beato Angelico, Paolo Uccello, Sandro Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Perugino, Vasari, Michelangelo are among the countless masterpieces you can admire there.
To reserve tickets, you can ask the hotel where you are staying to make these reservations for you. Also you can try these websites: and

Have a look to the many street and markets in the city center, around San Lorenzo or the smaller ones on the way to the Uffizi. You have opportunities to grab some great deals there, especially with leather or silk items. Check the items, you can find quality goods at good prices, along with tourist junk.
If you are looking for designer items at discounted prices, you need to visit any designer outlets malls. A large outlets mall is located outside the city center, about 20 miles north of Florence, in Barberino del Mugello. There is where the designer stores offering discounted items are. You can save 30% to 60% off the regular price. Obviously your shopping there will be more expensive than at the street markets in the city center, but consider you are going there to buy designer and higher quality items.

– Dining –
Hopefully, in these two days in Florence, you’ll take your time to enjoy also fine dining at restaurants. You definitely have to taste the “Bistecca alla Fiorentina“. It’s the Florence’s culinary specialty. This tasty dish consists of a t-bone or porterhouse steak grilled over a wood or charcoal fire, and seasoned with salt, black pepper, and olive oil. With good red Tuscan wines is the best pairing.

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