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»» Assisi: Things To See

A quick summary of places not to be missed while visiting Assisi.

You can start from the top of Assisi (if you drive, it’s recommended you park there, at Piazza Matteotti); by walking down to the Piazza del Comune (the city center), you will find the Chiesa of San Rufino.

When you arrive in the central Piazza del Comune, take one of the streets to the left of the fountain to Chiesa Santa Chiara, where Saint’s body lies uncorrupted. In the Piazza in front the church, you can enjoy a spectacular view of the Umbrian valley.
Then, go back to the center and take the San Francesco street that goes down to the Basilica of San Francesco, where is located the tomb of St. Francis.

After coming back to the top of Assisi (Piazza Matteotti), you can walk up to Rocca Maggiore, the fortress on the top of the hill of Assisi. From there you’ll enjoy of another spectacular view.

If you drive, you have a couple of places more not to be missed. San Damiano church, a little church set in the olive groves just outside the city walls and the Eremo della Carceri. At “Le Carceri” (so Eremo della Carceri is also called) there are the chapels where Francis would go to meditate in the wood. You have another beautiful view from there.
If you keep going up the road you reach the top of Mount Subasio and then going down you can arrive to the hilltop town of Spello, a medieval gem in the surroundings of Assisi.

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