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Advice asked to plan travel to Italy on a budget, are very frequent. We can’t provide exhaustive advice on such topic in just one time, so will try to cover it with many posts, also based on suggestions we receive from expert travelers on a budget.


Don’t plan to have three meals a day at restaurant. There are so many options other than restaurants to have good meals for a fair price in Italy. We list below 3/4 basic rules to save money.

A stand-up breakfast of coffee and pastry, you can have it in any Italian bar.

Again you can opt to have lunch meals in bar which serve it; sometimes you’ll be able to eat pasta and most of the food served in the traditional restaurants but at a cheaper price.
If you would like quick meals, pizza by the slice is another cheap option.

3-Dining in the restaurants.

When you go to restaurants, consider you can complete a lovely meal, by ordering appetizers (antipasti, better if “antipasti della casa”, typical local appetizers) and pizza. That will save you money.
The same option good typical Italian food at a budget price, you’ll able to get it, if you order just a “primo”, any sort of pasta usually cooked according to regional receipts or with local sauces.

4-Buying food in the stores.
If the options listed above are too expensive for your budget, you may want to consider stores to buy food and arrange a picnic lunch. It will be the cheapest way to taste any Italian gastronomic specialities.

However you’ll be able to locate good inexpensive restaurants in any city.
Definitely, you will not starve in Italy, wahtever your budget is going to be.

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