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Day trips from Rome: we have been continuing to receive questions similar to the one below:

Where to go to spend a day away from Rome?

A lot of people vacationing in Rome, usually look to how to arrange day trips for destinations located in the surroundings of the capital.

There are so many options…But the point is: what do you mean for surroundings? This word sounds so differently for Italian respect to foreigner travelers, depending it on the different habits to cover the distances, different kind of roads, traffic etc…
Maybe the distance for Aussies it’s worth to cover for locating a restaurant is as long as Italians would run in a entire week end.


So when it comes to suggesting ideas for day trips, not everybody among the travelers would agree on any itineraries suggested. However I try do it, by suggesting a few typical destinations and how to reach it, hoping to avoid your trip to turn in a rush.

– From Rome heading toward South: Amalfi Coast, Sorrento, Naples, and Pompei.

By train, a couple of hours could take you to the most of destinations above listed. Consider, for visiting Amalfi Coast and Sorrento, then you would take a local bus; the best option is Rome-Salerno by train, it will take you a couple of hours by EuroStar, and local buses from Salerno to Amalfi Coast (approx. all the sights are within a 30km of coast)

– From Rome toward Tuscany: Orvieto, Cortona and Etruscan areas, Florence.

Route well-connected by train and not so tiring for Orvieto, interesting art city located 90km away from Rome, and for Cortona and the surroundings.
Maybe is a rush try to go in Florence in the morning and back in the night, especially because Florence deserves definitively a more accurate visit. So forget Florence…it can’t be considered just a day excursion from Rome.

– From Rome toward Umbria: Perugia, Assisi, Spoleto.

Not so far, but not so well connected by train, especially the first two of them; assume a average of a couple of hours travel.
However it’s worth to see the centres above mentioned, art cities among the most historically interesting and appreciated from worldwide travelers.

What I have suggested it is just some of very classic itineraries, but maybe suitable for the Italy first time travelers needs.
I promise to back on this matter, providing a more deep view on the itineraries mentioned above, advice on non so classic day trip destinations from Rome, and tips for more experienced travelers.

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