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»» What shoes to wear for your holiday in Italy

Take your time to choose the right shoe for your holiday in Italy.

Even though you plan just to walk in the cities, it is worth spending time and money to get the right comfortable shoes. Indeed, consider the sidewalks and streets paved with cobblestones you have to face for your visits to museum, churches, archeological sites, and historical areas.

Narrow and climbing streets are a typical feature of the historical centres in Italy, in the large cities as well as in the small towns.

If you plan to spend your holiday there in summer, also expect temperatures ranging from 30°C to 40° in most cities of the country, so boots and similar footwear might be too hot. I would recommend a comfortable flatter shoe with a thick sole to protect against the cobbles or sandal with good support.

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However, to find a suitable solution, depends on your feet.

So visit shoe stores and try on sandals, walking shoes, running shoes, sneakers etc…It will depend on your feet what be best for you.

Advice: buy your shoes in advance and break them in before your holiday starts.

Keep in mind, as you are vacationing the comfort of your feet is extremely important, forgetting it could turn your holiday into pain. Your feet’s health has no price.

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