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One of the questions that are frequently asked by travelers to Italy is concerning the ideal time to spend holidays there.

At first glance there is a obvious answer to that: there is no an ideal time, depends on your needs and interests.
However, we try to draft answers based on three basic factors: weather, prices, crowded times.


September, October, April, May are the most appealing months in terms of weather, wether you plan to travel to north or to South of the country.
July and August are very hot, that could appeal for people looking for a sea-beach holiday, but is a troubled time for excursions, especially for people coming from countries with summer not so hot.
Consider the temperatures ranging from 30° – 40° C.
January and February are the coldest months, but you could also have fine days, especially in the Southern area of the country.


Less expensive months go from November up to March, although a few services could not working in this time.
The most expensive are July, August, Christmas and Easter holidays.

Crowded times

Best time to not find lines and crowded places is the Winter, except for the Christmas holidays.
However good time is also late Summer and Autumn.

In July and August you’ll encounter crowded beaches and if you drive, will experience troubles for the traffic on the ways heading to the seaside detinations.
In August the cities are crowded by tourists, but as most of Italians spend their holiday in this month, businesses will be closed for holiday, you will not find so much people around, the traffic will be acceptable and the cities enjoyable.

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