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»» Spello’s Infiorata – Religious Festivals in Umbria

The historic town of Spello, one of the most visited medieval towns in Umbria, just few km away from Assisi, is hosting the “Infiorata” — June 1-2, 2013 — its annual festival of floral decorations.

Spello's Infiorata - Artists preparing floral compositions

A visit to Spello during the Infiorata festival, give you the chance to admire floral compositions, representing liturgical figures and ornamental motifs, decorating the ancient streets of this unique hill-top town.

This religious art event celebrating Corpus Christi offers visitors the chance to enjoy gorgeous colors and flowers fragrances in the streets as well as to attend a number of flowers themed events taking place throughout the week ending the Corpus Christi day.

Among the main attractions, to those who would like to taste local food specialties, we suggest a visit to “Taverna degli Infioratori”, which offers flower themed menus throughout the week.
Also, visitors can take advantage of guided visits, on Saturday night and Sunday morning, to the sites displaying the most notable floral decorations as well as to the many Spello’s art sites.
Best of all, attending Saturday night to the “Notte dei fiori” — Flowers Night — a night vigil with flower artists preparing their compositions on the streets floor making use of millions of scented flower petals.

The Infiorata of Spello offers a chance more to visit one of the most loved historic centers in Umbria as well as to taste the many local food specialties.
When: June 1st through 2nd, 2013 (annual – Corpus Christi day).
Where: Spello (Umbria).

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»» Rome: Eating Ban in Tourist Hot Spots

The Rome City Council introduced a ban of eating any snacks in the Rome’s historical centre.
So the most popular places to visit will be off-limits for street snackers.

The ban is also extended to drink or to encamp or erect makeshift shelters — in zones which have a particular historic or architectural value.
Those not complying with the law are liable to a fine of between €25 and €500.

Some other art cities in Italy, such as Florence, Bologna and Venice have already taken such measures to protect popular tourist spots in the city.
In Venice, for example, people were already prohibited from eating snacks in the hugely popular St. Mark’s Square. 

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»» Best Time To Visit Pompeii and Naples

The best time to visit the archaeological site of Pompeii could be late April and early May. The weather is enjoyable and you will find no crowds.

Also this season offers a couple of interesting events taking place in the surroundings.
From April 15 through May 29, you can enjoy guided tours to museums and monuments all over Naples. It is an event, “May of Monuments“, promoting historical and cultural sites in Naples.
When: April 15 through May 29;
Where: Naples.

From April 1 through 25, a food festival, “Sapori & Saperi“, celebrates the best of regional and local food specialties of Italy. A chance to taste the most famous Italian regional food, prized culinary delicacies such as, for example, buffalo mozzarella and to sample excellent local wines.
The venue for this food festival is the Pompei’s Santuario delle Beata Vergine.
When: April 1 through 25 (annual);
Where: Pompei’s Santuario delle Beata Vergine.

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»» Rome’s Major Historical Festival: Natale di Roma

Rome celebrates the anniversary of its foundation from April 20 to 22.
The Eternal City was founded by Romulus in 753BC, with the start of the works, as tradition says, on April 21. So this is the date Romans annually celebrate the birth of Rome, so called “Natale di Roma“.

Circo Massimo is the venue hosting most of the events.

An impressive historical parade is among the major attractions of Natale di Roma. It is an ancient Rome-costume parade starting at Circo Massimo and going through major other historic sites, Via del Teatro di Marcello, Piazza Venezia, Via dei Fori Imperiali, Colosseo to end at Circo Massimo.

The “Dea Roma” is a contest celebrating the beauty of the Goddess of Rome. It draws female candidates from everywhere — Roman citizenship is not needed to apply to the contest — with the winner who will lead the great historical parade crossing Via dei Fori Imperiali on Sunday April 22.

The website offers details on how to apply as well as schedule and information about the Birth of Rome celebrations.

When: Apr 20 – 22, 2012 (annual);
Where: Rome – Circo Massimo (Directions by Metro: B line, get off at Circo Massimo).

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»» Visiting Museums and Historic Villas in Italy for Free

The last week-end of March in Italy, Giornata FAI di Primavera festival offers the chance to visit museums, gardens, churches, ancient villas and other interesting historic sites for free.

The festival, celebrating art and culture in Italy, also offers the unique chance to visit sites usually not accessible to public that will be open to public viewing during this special week-end.

Here you have a complete list of sites that will be open free during 2012 Giornata FAI di Primavera, as well as itineraries and excursions you can enjoy during the week-end.
For a list of sites offering also guided visits in English and few other languages see here.

When: March 24-25 (annual, last week-end of March);
Where: historic sites across Italy.

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