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Umbria so called "Land of Saints". (Most famous in the world: St. Benedict was born in Norcia (480-547), St. Francis and Santa Chiara were from Assisi
Umbria so called "Land of hills", which preserves intact a medieval character in many famous cities which were a lively cultural centres in the medieval period. Among them, Perugia, with its university, founded at the end of the 12th and the beginning of the 13th centuries, one of the oldest in Europe, Orvieto which was one of the popes official residences for many years, attracting artistic and literary geniuses. But any small city of Umbria holds historic and artistic treasures and offer to visitors unique feelings. (View Images of Umbria)


-Perugia: details about Perugia...
-Assisi- Assisi is known throughout world as the town of St Francis and St. Clare and as peaceful place . This ancient town of Roman origin is dominated by its Rocca Maggiore (1376). Among countless treasures stored in this town: Basilica di San Francesco with splendid frescoes (Giotto, Lorenzetti, Cimabue and Simone Martini ), the Carceri Hermitage (it was St. Francis first retreat), Chiesa di S.Maria Angeli, located in the surroundings of Assisi . The town’s peaceful streets are always crowded with tourists and pilgrims attracted to the extraordinary beauty and serenity of the place. Browse Assisi travel tips ...; (photos of Assisi).

-Gubbio- Gubbio is a town of ancient origins and maintains a profoundly medieval character. Its strong link with tradition is witnessed to the extraordinary Corsa dei Ceri (three Ceri procession; three Ceri are the symbol of the region Umbria too). Find out more about Gubbio...; (photos of Gubbio).

-Spoleto- In Spoleto every summer it is held the prestigious Festival dei Due Mondi (Two World Festival), the musical and theatrical event that brings together the best performers from Europe and America. That makes of this historic town, an international centre. (photos of Spoleto).

-Todi- Birthplace of the great medieval poet Jacopone, this town was important centre in Middle Ages. Now it is a lively cultural centre (Todifestival, the town’s annual antiquarian exhibition and many other events). It was elected the best town to inhabit in the world according the result of an American universitys survey in 1989. (photos of Todi).

-Orvieto- Major historic center, it preserves remains of the Etruscan, Roman, Medieval times. Among the major sights, the Cathedral, and Pozzo of San Patrizio. Find out Orvieto travel tips ...; (photos of Orvieto).

Natural sights

Gentle hills, Trasimeno lake, Marmore falls, Sybillins mountains (Mount Vettore 2478mt) and much more.

Cultural, Gastronomic and more...

There are so many cultural events in this small region during the year, that listing all of them or even the most important become a hard task. Let's try to remember the well known ones to tourists: Calendimaggio (Assisi-May Day celebration), Corsa dei Ceri (Ceri race), Festival dei Due Mondi (Spoleto-Two World Festival), S.Valentino (Terni-Valentinians celebrations), Umbria Jazz (in Perugia and minor cities in Summer).
In Perugia there is one of major Universities for foreigner to learn Italian.
If Terni, the second large city of region, hosts weeks of Valentine's celebrations, Perugia is also famous because is the home of "Baci Perugina", chocolates that inspire worldwide lovers.


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