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The Cinque Terre is a strip of land, less than 20 km in lenght, comprises between sea and mountains in the Northwestern region of Liguria. Five small fishing villages, set like jewels into the Ligurian Coast (Costa Ligure of Levante) give the name to this area (the translation of "Cinque Terre" is "Five Lands").

Tiny villages suspended between sea and earth, linked each other through hiking trails offering visitors breathtaking views and sights absolutely incomparable. A landscape unique, with its typical steep slopes featuring terraces cultivated with vineyards, vertical cliffs and cosy beaches among the rocks.
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The five villages:

-Vernazza- The most famous village of the Cinque Terre, had a strong political and economical importance during the age of the Maritime Republic of Genoa. The style of its buildings, the loggias, the arcades, the Castle of the Doria, the watch-towers and the numerous fortifications erected to protect the city from the enemies, are witnesses of the importance of Vernazza at that age.

-Monterosso- The most appreciated village of The Cinque Terre for its beaches, its artisan shops and restaurants.

-Manarola- Surrounded by its famous vineyards and connected through "The Love Trail" - two kilometres of paved path, to the village of Riomaggiore.

-Riomaggiore- It is the most Eastern village of The Cinque Terre.

-Corniglia- It boasts an incomparable view by its terrace looking down to the sea.


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