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The regionís name derives from the Alps mountains; infact Piedmont stands for "at the foot (Piede in Italian) of the mountains". Its main city, Turin, capital of the region, is one of most important centers of baroque art. Piedmont has a large industrial area (Fiat, major motor vehicle factory is based in Turin), but it is also a region famous for the production of excellent wines (Barolo and Barbera) on its southern hills . Monferrato and Langhe hills are famous for its wine and food delicacies and because this area (espec. The Langhe hills) is a search zone for a very rare and precious tuber: the White Truffle.(View Images of Piedmont)


-Turin: details about Turin...

-Asti- Main sights: very rich in medieval buildings, Asti was known as the city of 100 towers; many of them still remain today within the old city walls. Among the most important ones: the octagonal Torre de Regibus, the Torre Troyana (13th cent.), the Tower of the Comentini (13th cent.) and the Rossa di San Secondo, built during the reign of the Roman Emperor Augustus.
Main centers in the surroundings: Canelli, Nizza Monferrato, Cocconato, and the many towns in the countryside of Monferrato. (Monferrato landscapes).

-Alessandria- Typical medieval fortified town, it lies at the foot of the last hills in the Monferrato. The Chiesa di Santa Maria di Castello, the first Cathedral, fine churches and baroque palaces such as the Palazzo della Prefettura are among the main sights in the city.

-Cuneo- Main sights: large rectangular piazzas, porticoed streets lined with palazzos built for the nobility, the Baroque cathedral, and the old shops covered with inlaid wood mostly date from the 18th c. and 19th c.

-Alba and The Langhe- The Langhe, is a renowned area for the production of famed wines such as Barolo, Dolcetto, Barbaresco, Nebbiolo as well as for great food. Among the centers in the area to visit, we suggest, especially for gourmet and wine lovers, Alba -- so called "Italian Capital of the Truffle", Serravalle delle Langhe, La Morra, Dogliani, Cherasco and other small towns and villages along the Barolo road

-Lake Maggiore- Main resorts: Arona, Stresa, Verbania (photos of Lake Maggiore ).

Natural sights

Varied natural landscape including mountains (Alps: Monviso, Gran Paradiso, Monte Rosa), valleys, hills (The Langhe, Monferrato), lakes (Maggiore, d'Orta).

Cultural, Gastronomic and more...

Piedmont's mountains to skiing, for walks, trekking and horse-riding in nature parks and protected areas. Hilly landscapes, with the heritage of its past in castles, sanctuaries, abbeys and country churches, with the harmonious geometry of vineyards that produce wines of great prestige.
Ancient traditions survive in major historic festivals (the Palio of Asti, the Carnival of Ivrea etc...)
Piedmontese tastes appreciated worldwide: specialities like the truffle, wines (Asti,Monferrato, Barolo, Barbera), cheese, Vermouth, and Fernet.


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