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Lovely shores, the blue expanse of the sea and the magical atmosphere that has inspired artists of all periods, makes Amalfi Coast famous all over the world.
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Amalfi Coast centers
-Amalfi- The most important and well-known part of the history of Amalfi is linked to the time when became capital of the powerful Amalfitan Republic which comprised the territory between Cetara and Positano. In that time in Amalfi spread the use of the first maritime code, the so-called Amalfitan Tables.

-Positano- Positano is a place very appreciated by writers, film directors and artists from all over the world.
Pablo Picasso was one of many artists who drew their inspiration from the scenery of Positano. Positano is considered one of the exclusive tourist resorts in Italy.

-Vietri sul Mare- It is situated in the eastern part of the Amalfi Coast. Pretty seaside village with pastel-coloured houses. Famous for its ceramics and their decorations.

-Ravello, Minori.

Amalfitan Gourmet & Specialities
One of the local typical products that contribute to make well-known this area in the world is the Limoncello.
Limoncello is a sweet liqueur made by infusing the Amalfitan lemon peel in alcohol and sugar.
It is served iced at the end of a meal.


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