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»» Franciscan Trail of Peace – Umbria Hiking Tours

Hikers who love historic sights can find in the Umbria countryside one of the most scenic and major historic trails: the Franciscan Trail of PeaceSentiero Francescano della Pace. Named after St. Francis — because the Saint used to walk there in the 13th century — the Franciscan Peace Trail was the ancient road linking two of the major medieval centers in Umbria, Assisi (view a video of Assisi; find out things to see in Assisi) and Gubbio.

Umbria-along Franciscan Peace Trail

Just less than 50 Km long, the trail goes trough the countryside of Umbria offering unique landscapes and a number of historic sights. It offers the possibility to visit castles, churches, abbeys, and ruins of medieval settlements mainly dating back between 12th and 13th century.

Most of visitors are used to break the tour into two or more days. Along the route there are many farmhouse, agritourism, B&B and other accommodation options.

The town of Assisi, is the sarting point of the tour. Among the suggested stop along the route:
- the town of Valfabbrica (notable the castle and Benedectine abbey);
the countryside settlements:
- of Coccorano (original structure of its castle dated 11th century),
- of Biscina (Biscina Castle 10th century);
- the Church of Caprignone (11th century);
- the Hermitage of San Pietro in Vigneto (13th century);
- the abbey of Vallingegno (12th century) and the castle of Vallingegno (14th century).
The major medieval city of Gubbio is the ending point of the tour. See map of Franciscan Trail of Peace tour. View photos of this trail.

- Getting there -

By air
- Airport of Sant’Egidio is 10 km away
- International Airport Fiumicino (FCO) Rome, 235 Km from Assisi, connected by bus (SULGA line; Ph. +39755009641)
By Train
- Stop at Assisi station (Santa Maria degli Angeli Station) and take ‘navetta bus’ to city center
By car
- from North: A1 Motorway, take Valdichiana exit up to Perugia continuing to Cesena until the exit for Assisi.
- from South: A1 Motorway, take Orte exit continuing to Perugia-Cesena direction, then to Foligno-Assisi until the exit for Assisi.

By air
- Airport of Sant’Egidio is 45 km away
- International Airport Fiumicino (FCO) Rome 250 Km from Gubbio, connected by bus (SULGA line; Ph. +39755009641)
By train
- Rome-Ancona rail, stop at Fossato di Vico Station, then take the bus to Gubbio (15 km).
- Florence-Perugia or Rome-Perugia rail, stop at Perugia Central and take the bus (APM line) to Gubbio (40 km)
By car
- from North: A14 Motorway, take Fano exit (80 km from Gubbio) and continuing along the Via Flaminia to Rome direction until the crossroads for Gubbio;
- rom South: A1 Motorway, take Orte exit (120 km da Gubbio) and continuing to E45 to Perugia-Cesena direction until the exit for Gubbio (30 km).

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