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»» Flying Into or Out of Pisa: Transfer Tips

Pisa Galileo Galilei airport, served by 22 airlines, is a heavily-used airport by foreign tourists visiting Italy. Many could find helpful a few suggestions on transportation to and from the airport as well as tips on options to get to their holidays destination.

- Pisa city
To get the city from airport, bus is the best way. The Compagnia Pisana Trasporti (CPT) connects Pisa Airport to Pisa’s city centre every 10 minutes.
You also could opt for train. There are 2 trains each hour from Pisa Airport to Pisa Centrale station (the main train station). You get the city within 5 mins. Of all European regional airports Pisa’s Galilei is the one that is closest to a railway terminal (less than 50 metres).

- Florence
Florence is connected to Pisa Airport by direct train services. You have six direct trains a day from Pisa Airport to Florence Santa Maria Novella station (Florence central station). From Pisa Centrale or Florence Santa Maria Novella station you can plan your trips to Northern or Southern Italy.

Among the most common destinations tourists flying into Pisa are heading to is Siena. Whether by train or by bus, you need a couple of hours to get there.
By bus: from Pisa Airport to Siena there are two direct buses a day. Departure schedule: 2:30PM and 10:45PM.
By train: first you have to take the train from Pisa Airport to Pisa Centrale. Then you change train and take the train to Florence. Before arriving in Florence, you change again in Empoli and take the train to Siena. About the frequency of train on this route, you have around two trains each hour from Pisa Centrale to Empoli and two trains each hour from Empoli to Siena.

- Lucca
Other major tourist destination in the surroundings of Pisa, Lucca is well connected by bus (every half hour). Getting there it takes you 1 hour bus ride.

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