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»» Airport Transfers to Lake Garda

Traveling to Lake Garda from North Europe is pretty cheap, as the lake surrounding area is being served by low cost carriers flying to Brescia, Bergamo and Verona airports.


However take care of the airport transfer. Arranging transfers from Brescia, Bergamo and Verona airports to the main resorts of Lake Garda could cost you much more than how you would pay for the flight.

- Free transfers -
A lot of hotels offer free transfers arranged by the tourist board. When you book your accommodation ask if they offer the transfer service as they will book it for you..

- Private transfers -
A private transfer is quite expensive; you would have to email the hotels direct about a transfer.

- Transfer by public transport -
- Train and bus
Trains (from Bergamo or Brescia to Peschiera del Garda or Desenzano) and then bus (from Peschiera to Malcesine and Riva see schedule from Brescia to Peschiera you also may want take bus (see schedule ). Bus to Lake Garda also at
-  Ferry
For the resorts not well served by bus: get a bus or train to one of the lake side resorts, then use the excellent ferry service to get across to the western side of the lake. As an example, Limone is well served by ferries from the other resorts. For timetable and fares check: . Ferry service operate from early morning to early evening

- See Lake Garda interactive map.
- Browse accommodations in Lake Garda area.

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