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»» Visiting Asolo in Veneto region

In the province of Treviso, Veneto region suggest you to visit Asolo, appreciated destination for excursions by tourists travelling to Venice and in Veneto.

Asolo is a town which preserves a medieval look and, in spite of to be located close to Alpes, evokes a Mediterranean charm, with its villas, gardens, plants and flowers.

Asolo – Panorama

Narrow streets flanked by the gothic arcades of the old buildings, facades decorated with frescos, beautiful balconies and dreaming horizons mainly characterize the town of Asolo.

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- Things to see in Asolo -

The Rocca, the millenary Rocca on the top on the hill dominates the town.The medieval Cathedral : started around 590, was rehandled in 1747 according to Giorgio Massari’s plans. It stores valuable paintings of the 15th century.

Asolo - Hist. center
Asolo – Hist. center

The Captain Loggia: construction of the 15th century, which facade is decorated with frescos of Contarini (1560); it houses the Museum.

Asolo-The Rocca
Asolo-The Rocca

Lombard House: typical 15th century construction.The Castle: known as ”Palazzo Pretorio” or ”Palace of Caterina Cornaro”.

Palazzo Beltramini: houses the townhall. Churches: S. Gottardo Church of the 13th century, the S. Caterina Church with frescos of the 15th century, and the S. Anna Church.

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