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»» Visiting Cortona, ancient Etruscan town

Either you travel to Tuscany or to Umbria suggest you to save a bit of time to visit Cortona.

Cortona is a Etruscan city located in Tuscany between Arezzo, Siena and Perugia, 80 km away from Florence, is one of the most ancient cities of Tuscany and is rich of archaeological sites.

It had enjoyed an autonomous social structure from the time of the Etrurians, through the Medieval time, until to 1411, the year of the loss of her independance as a free Comune.


- Locate Cortona on the map.-

Where to stay in Cortona (and in Tuscany): (Accommodation in Tuscany bookable online)

- Things to see in Cortona -The walls , which was built by the Etruscans around the end of the fifth century B.C.The Fortress: beautiful example of military architecture of the 1500′’s ; it has a trapezoidal structure with four large bastions.Palaces: Palazzo del Comune (XII century), \r\n


is the palace of the city council was was built on the ruins of the Forum of the Roman city, Palazzo Quintani (XIII century), Palazzo Tommasi-Fierli (XV century), Palazzo Baldelli (XVI century), Palazzo Venuti (XVI century), Palazzo Cristofanello-Laparelli (XVI century) \r\n\r\n

Cortona-The Fortress
Cortona,The Fortress

Churches: the Church of Saint Francis (1240 ) which was destined to preserve the remains of its builder Brother Elias; the new Church of San Basilio (1297) which preserves body of Saint Margaret. The Tombs of the Etruscan Period.(VII-IV century B.C.) Museums: Museo dell”Accademia Etrusca, it stores: The archeological collection, The Egyptian collection, The Medieval and Modern collection

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